Welcome to Dindonism

A long time ago (one year) I bought a sketchbook with the idea of having a personal project…and suddenly the fear of the blank page -or more specifically, fear of the blank first page- happened.

I have kept it in mind since then, I guess it was in a hidden part of my mind. Finally I found it!! How I did it? Well, I realized that I needed some pencils and other stuff first, so I just went to the right place to get one of each…I always go crazy in these places, but that is something I born with.

Anyways, I compiled a bunch of phrases I took from here and there, while chatting with friends or with myself, listening music or reading newspapers. I wrote all of them down to pick up one and kill the fear of the blank page!

I like to think about which typeface I would “wear” if I were this or that word, trying to make that the typography talks by itself, without the word.

My hand-lettering project started on Instagram first, with #dindondesigns you can see my work (you can even follow me: @dindonitis). Since I’m an art director, I always want to do my best with every shoot, because the point of view does matters. It’s more about how I see the world, it’s my attitude, my religion: Dindonism.

This blog is not going to be just about lettering, it’s going to be about what I like the most: to create, to design. I might post some vector works, logotypes, posters or anything I build from zero using my three main tools: my brain, my hands and my tablet.

Dindonism is officially inaugurated! Soon you will find samples of my hand-lettering works as the introduction to my new religion…Welcome!!

// Andrea Din Don


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